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KJ a threat to Najib? - malaysiakini

One of the myths being spread around is that KJ is a threat to DS Najib? But thus far we have never had anyone put forth an incisive analysis as to how KJ can be a threat to DS Najib. What we have instead are muted whispers that make their rounds as nocturnal pastimes in the favorite hunting grounds of UMNO. That would be the dimly lit coffee houses,warungs, watering holes and so on.

Najib's position as thePM2B and the PM in the next few years is already almost etched in stone. But of course the fertile and devious minds are working overtime to pitch KJ against DS Najib. The fancifulness of this enterprise is exceeded only by its absurdity.

Let's see.

KJ is a threat because of having said that he wants to be PM by the age of 40? Plus or minus 10% being the acceptable margin of error that's about 44 years of age. KJ is what now? 34 years old? In 10 years time when he reaches 44, DS Najib will be 66 years of age. That's probably the age where he must have been cultivating a successor. Najib is not immortal you know.

Enter a young 'punk' if you may, who says he wants to be the PM in 10 years time and who is now 34 years of age. What sin has he committed if he had said that? Clinton became the US president at around 40 something. So strike one! You detest the young punk or having the boldness of saying he wants to become PM in 10 years time, because his name is KJ simpliciter.

We find the notion of a young punk, brash and bright saying he wants to be PM in 10 years offensive to our senses. That offending feeling arises from our own proclivity of heaping on him all those detestable qualities. And thus we find the possibility that such a person can ACTUALLY become what he aims for as disturbing as it is abhorrent.

The perpetrators of this lie saying that KJ is a threat to DS Najib are actually insulting Najib's intelligence. He has been at this game since 1976 and I will say this, albeit reluctantly, that 'looking at the fish frolicking in the water, Najib knows whether it's a male or female. In other words, Najib has enough weaponry in his political munitions store to stave off any challenges.

The threats to Najib's political longevity come from:-

  1. First of all those impatient senior level politicians who feel they are as good as or even better than Najib.
  2. The threat to his position comes from opposition parties who can form the government.
  3. The low quality leadership of UMNO at branch and division levels.
  4. The internecine and fratricidal political infighting among UMNO warlords who will vie with each other to show they are more Najib than Najib himself.
  5. Najib's longevity will be threatened if UMNO persists in its fossilizing organizational structure.
  6. Najib's position is threatened by bad and unintelligent social and economic policies.
  7. Najib;s position will be more threatened of the second liner leadership is repulsive to the voters.
  8. Najib's position is threatened if UMNO does a Moshe Dayan or Nelsonian eye of power abuses, corruption, predatory wealth seeking by UMNO leaders and so forth.
  9. Najib knows he is his own worst enemy
  10. Najib's position is unstable if TDM continues throwing political grenades.

In other words, people, aim your bazookas and rocket launchers at these things rather that KJ. Fearing him means you are conferring upon him superhero attributes that may be too burdensome for his shoulders.

This is all part of the political intrigue that seeks out to paint KJ in the worst possible perception. The picture painted is of another Anwar Ibrahim ready to strike at the political overlords. Well, the political overlords are fearful because all this while, they have nothing of substance to show and here is a young punk striking at the foundations of their own political survival.

What can be more satisfyingly devious than spreading around stories that KJ is plotting to do Najib in at the earliest possible opportunity?

Next why KJ is actually an asset to Najib.

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