Sunday, April 12, 2009

Get Back every single penny

After looking into PNSB's dealings, Selcat have revealed Khir Toyo's abuse of his position by using funds from statutory bodies to pay for his family trip to Disneyland.

He and his wife were given every opportunity to defend and rebut all those allegations adduced during the course of the Selcat hearing but both of them chose not attend the hearing.

The CEO of the GLC could not have contrived or manufactured the evidence which confirmed the trip was paid for his wife, children and maid.

These are serious allegations involving a public servant using public funds for his personal expenditure.

The payments made were all supported and documented by the statutory body's accounts.

The witnesses including the CEO have testified that the whole trip for Khir Toyo's family including the children and maid was paid for by PNSB.

The evidence adduced during Selcat's hearing should have been sufficient to indict Khir Toyo on several charges of corruption.

Now the question that remains to be answered is why is the MACC adopting an 'elegant ' silence over this case when it was quick to reproach Selangor MB Khalid for donating a few cows to his constituency using PNSB's money?

Are we to believe that the MACC is adopting a selective prosecution approach in discharging its duties?

It appears quite evident that opposition politicians are being selectively hounded by MACC whilst BN politicians' corrupt practices are been ignored.

As a concerned public citizen, I would demand that the MACC chief account for not being impartial in carrying out their sacred duty of investigating and prosecuting all politicians irrespective of their political alignment.

If they are impartial as they claim to be, then we demand an immediate investigation and prosecution of Khir Toyo's corrupt practices.

Public servants who dip their hands into government coffers must be brought to book and we shall not accept any lesser punishment for the former menteri Besar, Khir Toyo.

Any punishment meted out and that includes a custodial sentence imposed should serve as a deterrent to all those public servants who have abused their position by dipping their grubby paws into government funds to finance their family and personal lifestyles using taxpayers' money.

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