Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay, lets forget Altantuya but what about this Najib?

Whatever the opposition said is not true,” he said dismissively. “We will give you the facts later.” (Najib Tun Razak, Malaysian Insider)

What a shady deal. So shady, we don’t need sun shades. Many pro-Mahathir-Najib supporters who ran all over town in hysteria over Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Turkish toy, seem awfully and painfully silent over Najib’s Euro toy. Hmmm…

In MALAYSIA TODAY’s latest posting entitled -Eurocopter-, a letter purportedly from Datuk Zahar Hashim, the chairman of Mentari Services Sdn Bhd, the local representatives for a Russian helicopter company, alleges irregularities in the recent award to Eurocopter for the supply of 12 new aircraft to replace the ageing Nuri fleet of the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

The letter claims the award was given to Eurocopter even though it was the most expensive of all the companies which submitted tenders.

Eurocopter”s bid, it is claimed, is said to be more than RM1.4 billion over that of the lowest bidder.

The letter also claims no proper evaluation was conducted by the Defence Ministry.

Read one, there’s more…

A Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed by a mid-ranking officer in the ministry just two days before Najib switched portfolios and moved from the Defence Ministry to the Finance Ministry last month.

It was announced last month that Eurocopter had been awarded the contract to replace the RMAF fleet with 12 new Cougar EC 725 at a cost of RM2.317 billion.

The writer of the letter posted on Malaysia Today claimed his company represents Kelowna Flightcraft Limited of Canada, which offered the RMAF the Kazan MI-172 KF at a cost of RM898 million for 12 aircraft.

The letter alleged only documentary evaluation was made before the LOI was awarded to Eurocopter.

Neither Zahar nor Mentari Services could be reached for comment.

Najib has not spoken to the press since allegations against him started surfacing on the Malaysia Today website.


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